About Us

Since 1989, at The Retirement Advantage we have done things differently. We are Licensed State Retirement Advisors, & we are able to help you through Smarter Retirement Strategies as you build for, and then go into retirement. This is accomplished by:

  • Presenting “The Power of Indexing”.
  • Guaranteeing a supplementary income for life.
  • Offering financial tools in which you may never experience loss to market volatility, (a huge deal and a cornerstone of our practice).
  • Showing you how to retain total control over your retirement funds.
  • Offering minimal to-no-fees (an individual choice based on particular needs & situation).
  • Providing an individualized Financial Snapshot Analysis as a roadmap to a secure and financially sound retirement and therefore leaving nothing to chance.

Rest comfortable knowing that our clients have never lost a dime to market risk. Under promising and over delivering are a constant in our practice; honesty is a courtesy and good value for services rendered is common practice. We believe you would very much benefit by our experience and background and look forward to working with you.


About Joe

Flavio J. “Joe” Carreño has devoted his efforts to the financial services and insurance industry, assisting employers in the implementation of their company benefit packages and individuals with retirement planning and estate preservation since 1989, .

He has been a leader in his field for many years and has been the recipient of many awards in recognition of the services he provides and accomplishments he has achieved. He maintains the highest standards, ethics & qualifications as prescribed by state mandates and the financial services industry, but most importantly by his very own moral and ethical compass which has only one north, hence the compass for the company’s logo.

He is licensed with the Florida Department of Financial Services since 1989, and is a member in good standing with the BBB with an A+ rating.

Under promising and over delivering are a constant in his practice. Honesty is a courtesy, and excellent value for services rendered is common practice.



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