Pension Maximization

Having more income available to spend in retirement could make a big difference in your future lifestyle – and taking advantage of a pension maximization strategy could help you to do exactly that. 

Pension maximization is a type of retirement income strategy that is used by many couples. It entails taking the highest possible annuity payout for the lifetime of one spouse while at the same time carrying life insurance coverage where the benefit “replaces” that income for the surviving spouse at the death of the first. 

In many ways, using a pension maximization strategy can be a win-win situation in terms of generating the most amount of retirement income while at the same time providing a “safety net” for your spouse or partner. 

By generating the highest dollar amount of income from an annuity, it’s possible that you could even use some of the incoming cash flow for paying the premium on the life insurance policy, which in turn will be used for creating the income stream for the surviving individual. 

With a pension maximization strategy, the longer, the higher payments from an annuity are received, the more profitable the plan can be for a couple. In addition, if the spouse who is not receiving the pension income passes away first, the other/survivor may be able to cancel the life insurance coverage that is being carried on himself or herself, and then use the amount that was being used for the premium for other needs and wants going forward. 

Before you commit to any type of retirement income strategy, though, there are some important items to consider, such as: 

  • Taxation of the income from the annuity
  • Health condition of the spouse that is covered (or will be covered) by the life insurance policy
  • Other needs for the life insurance proceeds (such as debt payoff or the cost of final expenses like a funeral and burial plot) 
  • Other retirement income sources, such as Social Security
  • Life expectancy of both spouses or partners

Imagine being able to spend a worry-free retirement, knowing that a stream of income payments will continue to flow in, regardless of what happens in the stock market, and no matter how long you may live. This alone could provide you with peace of mind and the ability to focus on other, more important things, like spending time with the ones you love.

Suppose you would like to learn more about how to maximize the income you receive in retirement. In that case, we can discuss the potential options you have available to determine which one(s), if any, make the most sense for you, based on your specific needs and objectives. 

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